Health is in the habit with brand new subscription service, Habox.

Your children can now benefit from a fantastic new oral health subscription service – delivered direct to your door.

With a play on the word habit, provides a unique way to engage and encourage children to look after their teeth. 

Delivered direct to your home every 3 months costing £12.00 (per delivery – just £4 a box), myhabox offers a fun, cost effective and convenient way to encourage regular brushing.

More than a handy subscription service, the colourful, personalised box, jam-packed with toothbrushing and habit-forming tools, including age-appropriate flavoursome toothpastes, from yours truly, Brush-Baby,:Applemint , Tutti Frutti and Spearmint , brushing timer and brushing charts to track progress – provides all the ‘tools’ to form and maintain great toothbrushing habits.

HaBoxDeveloped by Dentist Katie Davis and Dental Nurse Justina Perkins (pictured), two women certainly familiar with the trials and tribulations of children’s toothbrushing, Habox CEO and Dentist Katie Davis said:

“I want healthy choices to be the easy choices, we are a product of what we do regularly. That’s how Habox was born: I have spent years supporting families to create healthy habits so children don’t suffer the pain of dental disease. I don’t want to take any more teeth out of children’s mouths when it could have been avoided!”

The Habox vision is simple; an open, guilt-free place where parents can be honest and will never be judged. Instead, they will be supported so children will have healthy teeth and gums for their whole life.