Until Next Time St Bede’s C of E Primary School!

Emma-at-St-Bedes_ childrens toothcare

Question: What has got 240 arms and 3120 teeth?

Answer: 4 classes of 60 children at St Bede’s C of E Primary School who avidly listened to a ‘Looking after your teeth’ presentation given by Emma Foster from Brush-Baby recently!

Unlike hen’s teeth (they haven’t got any!), the children from Years 3 and 4 (7 to 9 year olds) had lots of teeth and were told about how, and why they should brush these teeth, the importance of fluoride in toothpaste, length of brushing time, all interspersed with vociferous audience interaction, incorporating energetic displays of the Floss Dance (including ones from the teachers!).

The fun but informative dental-care presentation forms part of a lesson plan on Teeth and Eating currently being run by the school – which combines educational sessions, i.e. English lessons where everybody is reading ‘The Demon Dentist’ and practical lessons where children make fruit salad after learning about the importance of fruit in a diet. All culminating in a class where the children will be using all their assimilated knowledge to devise a new-flavoured toothpaste!

As Emma concludes “it was fantastic to talk to such a captivated audience who actually knew a great deal about the importance of looking after their teeth. Brush-Baby loved being part of the ingenious lesson plan – it’s a unique way to educate the children by getting them involved and hopefully set up a lifetime of good dental habits!”