wildones rechargeable toothbrushes

Moms (and Dads) know best...

Chewable Toothbrush

Super little product...

My little girl (21 months) hates having her teeth brushed, and when handed a normal toothbrush will just chew on it. She's currently chewing away on her brand new Chewable Toothbrush quite happily, and I'm a happy mummy knowing her teeth are getting a proper clean!



Love these...

My 7 month old daughter has just got her first tooth and these are great, so easy to use. My daughter loves the taste, so easy to rub her sore little gums. I'll definitely be using these in our daily routine, getting her ready for brushing her teeth. They are individually wrapped so great to take out with you.ย 



A disco in your little ones mouth...

We had BabySonics from my boys first tooth and this next stage (KidzSonic) is just as good. The disco lights effects make it even fun with the lights out. Evening brushing is never a chore - in fact this brush cleans teeth amazingly and is welcomed by my 3 year old every night!

Lu Yorkshire

Applemint Toothpaste


I gave Wee Man this Xylitol toothpaste to try. He was happy as it tastes like applemint -in fact I think heโ€™d happily have eaten the entire tube of it just because it tasted so great โ€“ and I was happy because for once he was brushing his teeth โ€˜like a tigerโ€™ and not complaining about having to do so.