Brush-Baby Chats To Childcare Experts Charlotte & Louise about Dental Health and Parenting

Child care experts about childrens toothcare

Modern family life brings many challenges and professional nannies – Charlotte Scarbrow and Louise Garvey, have made it their mission to share their experience and skills to equip parents with the knowledge to help face their parenting journey.

Together they run Charlotte & Louise, a private childcare consultancy based in South West London, offering high-quality information via their one-to-one private consultancy work and practical workshops for parents.

Brush-Baby caught up with Charlotte & Louise to find out more about what they do and chat about child dental health.

“Here at Charlotte & Louise, we always promote good dental care and encourage parents to start introducing a baby toothbrush long before the first tooth even appears. We believe it’s important for babies to get used to having something like a soft bristles toothbrush in their mouth, it allows them to explore and play on their own so it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock when you actually begin to brush their teeth.

“I think our clients tend to be shocked that they need to think about dental care from such a young age. Once parents get teeth-cleaning established as part of their child’s daily routine, they find it easy and sometimes fun – especially with the incredible variety of kids products to choose from to support their dental needs.

“It’s safe to say that over our two decades of nannying experience, we have tried and tested a lot of products and know when we find a good one! The Brush-Baby Soft Chewable Teether Toothbrush struck a chord with us; its durability, shape and design are very good, and best of all – it’s a great way to introduce your baby to brushing their teeth independently, they can just chew on it while it cleans their teeth and soothes you teething baby.

“Dental care is often a topic that concerns parents, and once they start eating – parents become even more aware of the importance of keeping their child’s teeth clean. Weaning is a hot topic and we get questions ranging from how and when to start, to what is the correct portion size, and why will my child now no longer eat the food they used to love!

“Parenting is such a journey and it can feel overwhelming at times, we passionately believe that the key to good parenting is love, confidence and consistency; and via our workshops and confidential advice – we aim to provide all families with helpful information to build-up their confidence and knowledge.

“This expert support can be provided privately, with resulting action plans bespoke to your needs, and via our practical workshops for parents that are available on a range of topics including newborn care and weaning. We also write a weekly parenting blog offering tips, advice and free downloads.”

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