Brush-Baby Donates Kids Toothbrushes To African Orphanages

brush baby donates to african orphanage

In a move to help children be able to take care of their teeth not just in the UK - but worldwide, Brush-Baby has donated hundreds of their FlossBrush soft bristles toothbrushes to orphanages in Nairobi.

Emma Taylor the Fundraising co-ordinator for the orphanages in Africa said "We didn't know what reaction we would get from the children when they were given their very own kids toothbrush, but we realised when we gave it to them that they had never ever had a childrens toothbrush in their lives. They're orphans aged between 4-6 years in the Kibera slum. It was a humbling experience to see the joy on their faces when they were shown how to use them.

They now have their names written on their very own infant toothbrushes and have enjoyed learning to brush their teeth. They watched a video on how to do it and even then we had to show them by using actions to get them to put it in their mouths, but as kids do, they soon got the hang of it. I am certain that this will make a huge impact not only on their dental health but also to their whole well-being, and a key aspect of the education and development of these young children who are being fed and taught, not only to live healthy lives but also given a start in life, which we hope will lead to them growing up and being able to make a difference in their lives. I cannot thank Brush-Baby enough for your kind donation and the difference it is already having on these children".

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