Brushing4Life Initiative With BrushBaby

brushing for life initiative
Team: Fatima Ndanusa, Public Health & Wellbeing, West Berks Council, Paul Batchelor, Public Health England, Dominique Tillen,MD Brush-Baby Ltd, Lesley Wyman, Head of Public Health & Wellbeing, West Berks Council

Early Years Toothcare specialist Brush-Baby has joined forces with West Berkshire Council to provide unique FlossBrush bristles toothbrushes and delicious Tutti Frutti baby toothpastes in their inaugural ‘Brushing4Life’ dental care programme which is being officially launched by Richard Benyon MP on Wednesday 28th May 2014 at the Thatcham & Area Children’s Centre.

The programme supports the early introduction of tooth brushing starting from 8 months of age. ‘Brushing4Life Packs’ containing information, a FlossBrush soft bristle toothbrush and Toothpaste for children will be distributed to parents from Children’s Centres in order to help teach parents and children how to care for their teeth.

Dominique Tillen, founder of Brush-Baby, who started the company as a result of not being able to find a suitable toothbrush for her baby daughter, comments: “Our products are designed specifically with babies, toddlers and young children in mind and we’re delighted to have been invited to contribute to the ‘Brushing4Life’ programme.”

Brush-Baby’s FlossBrush baby toothbrush has a unique bristle design to help clean both the surface and between little teeth and their Tutti Frutti kids toothpaste contains both fluoride and xylitol to protect teeth. Xylitol helps reduce the number of decay-causing bacteria and is hailed by the British Dental Health Foundation as “the biggest advance against cavities since fluoride.”

Dominique concludes: “with the UK’s unenviable statistic of 40% of children with tooth decay, educating parents on how best to care for their children’s teeth is vital and West Berkshire’s ‘Brushing4Life’ programme is a great step in this direction.”