China Welcomes Brush-Baby

Up to 88,000 Chinese trade buyers were entranced by a 3-foot Rabbit with a Brush-Baby toothbrush and a toothy Beaver in an enchanted green forest, at the Chinese Baby & Mother Exhibition (CBME) in Shanghai last week.
bobbie brush baby bunny
Our own Bobby Bunny was just one of the colourful characters enticing potential customers onto the Brush-Baby stand to learn more about Brush-Baby’s Smart Toothcare products for Babies and Kids, hosted by Brush-Baby’s Chinese distributor TCOAI Trading Company
CBME_2017_-_Kevin_and_team in China childrens toothbrushs toothcare for kids

As Kevin Shaw, Brush-Baby’s International Sales Manager explains; “Brush-Baby’s lively eye-catching characters were the real talking point at CBME and have the making of great mascots for babies and kids oral health. The Brush-Baby oral care range was unique amongst the other 4000 baby and kids brands. YTD Sales have already grown 203% in the region and with keen interest from Chinese buyers and distributors from the wider Far East region, we’re expecting a busy few months following the show. I’m looking forward to using the Chinese format of Brush-Baby on my follow-up correspondence!”

For further information on trade in China contact or TOCAI Trading