Celebrating National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day With Brush Baby!

Dominique_Tillen Women Entreprenuer Founder of Brush Baby

Last week celebrated National Women's Entrepreneurship Day, and seeing as our founder, Dominque Tillen, has been recognised as one of the UK's leading 'Mumpreneurs'; we thought what better way to celebrate than sharing her story!

Dominique’s entrepreneurial journey all started when she became a mother to a little girl who chewed her toothbrush. This was why the Brush Baby Chewable first baby toothbrush was created.

Dominique became keenly aware that chewing a normal child-sized toothbrush really wasn’t doing very much for her little one’s oral health, so she began looking for products that suited her daughter's behaviour more.

When she couldn't find anything out there other than a toothbrush…Brush-Baby was born!

First, Dominique consulted her sister, a dentist, to explore what types of product would work best for cleaning little people's teeth and gums. Dominique's research inspired an innovative range of dental products, designed specifically for babies, toddlers and young children; which really took into account their oral development and behaviour.

Brush Baby have a wide variety of products to choose from, such as their childrens electric toothbrushes, gum wipes for babies, baby teethers, and not forgetting infants toothpaste!

5 years later and Brush-Baby has gone global; with our early years dental range now available across Europe, North America, Russia, Africa and Asia.

We are really proud of the work Dominique and Brush-Baby have done to raise awareness globally about the importance of good oral health in children, but there is still a long way to go! In the UK alone, tooth extractions are still the number one reason children are admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics and nearly 40% of children still don't visit a dentist at least once a year.

Looking to the future, Brush-Baby's mission is to ensure that early years dental care doesn't have to be a struggle for parents. It should be stress-free, fun and dare we say it, even cool!

So we say a big thank you to Dominique on this National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. What started as her small idea, has grown into a global dental revolution that keeps us and our little ones smiling every day!