You Wouldn't Forget Your Swimsuit, So Don’t Forget Your Children's Toothbrush!

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On holiday, our daily routines can fall by the wayside, but don't let tooth care be one of them. Holiday season can often lead to us consuming a little more sugar than usual – ice-creams, sweets and special holiday treats. And don't forget those fizzy drinks, whilst we think that they might be great for cooling down by the poolside, many contain up to 35g of sugar - almost nine teaspoons!

So whether it’s from sugary drinks, sweet treats or ice creams… our mouths are taking quite a sugar hit!

So, when you are enjoying a break from routine, make sure your little ones' teeth aren't enjoying one too! Remember to keep using their baby toothbrush and brushing, flossing with our FlossBrush soft bristles toothbrush or using a baby tooth wipe twice a day to keep their smiles pearly white, and of course… have a lovely holiday!

Our teeth wipes for babies are a great addition to your bag when you’re out and about - and can even be used by adults!