Brush-Baby Teeth Wipes Ensuring Good Dental Hygiene Around The World

Did you know our products are used by health care professionals too?

Dr. Sonia Feldman, from Venezuela, kindly demonstrated the use of our Gum Wipes for Babies to a patient of hers in a recent video, which you can watch below.

These gum wipes for babies are perfect to use to clean away any food debris or milky residue! Despite the name, our baby teeth wipes can also be used on adults too - they’re great for when you're ‘on the go’!

Dr. Sonia Feldman has been an expert in Dentistry for many years now, and in 2006 she completed a specialist course in dentistry for babies at the Universidad Norte Do Parana, in Londrina, Brazil.

After her studies, Dr Feldman soon realised there was a lack of understanding about baby dental care, and so started a programme in 2007 to educate parents on how to look after their little one’s teeth – Ninos sin Caries (Children without Caries*).

The Programme is still going strong today, and although the advice remains the same, products have changed.  Included in the programme is a talk from the Doctor herself, as well as an oral exam and demonstrations for parents to learn how to keep teeth clean and healthy.  As you can see from the video clip, Dr Feldman is an advocate of the Brush-Baby DentalWipes, which she has been using in her clinics to great effect.

It is paramount you’re using the right products for your little one’s teeth. You can shop our specialist range, designed specifically for babies and young children.


Brush Baby Teething Wipes

We also offer baby teething wipes for little ones that need teething remedies. Because they contain an anti-inflammatory - they’re great at soothing your child’s sore and irritated gums.