How To Survive Week One When Baby Comes Home With Brush Baby

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Aftercare is often an after-thought when it comes to the excitement of pregnancy. While it’s common to be prepared for the birth of your child, it’s a whole new world the day your baby comes home.

With a newborn baby comes love, joy and plenty of sleep deprivation! With this in mind, we wanted to share some tips with you on surviving week one of having your little bundle at home with you.

We always recommend using a baby tooth wipe as soon as possible, as it removes any bacteria and milky residue left inside your baby’s mouth.

Using a gum wipe for babies also makes it much easier to introduce the first toothbrush for baby as you will already have a pre-existing dental routine. We have a brilliant baby toothbrush range so shop now!

Of course, everyone’s journey is different, but our tips are designed to help with some of the more classic experiences post-birth. Remember, if in any doubt; always talk to your mid wife or health visitor.

Our top tips for recovery:

  1. It’s commonly said that it takes 6 weeks to bounce back from a vaginal delivery and 12 from a caesarean, but don’t be worried if you need more time.  Everyone is different, so make sure to give yourself time to heal! At this stage in your recovery you won’t want to go full force into any exercise, but walking at an easy pace can be a good option as it promotes healing as well as helping prevent blood clots.
  2. Eating nourishing foods, (preferably prepared by someone else!) will speed up the healing process. Breastfeeding mums need around 300 extra calories a day, so don’t be shy to eat up! Ideal foods for new mums to stock up on include: salmon, low-fat dairy products, blueberries, oranges, whole wheat breads and rice, eggs and lean meat. All of these are top in their food groups at giving new mother’s the nutrients they need to be the best mum possible. 
  3. There’s no magical cure to make you feel better, but if there was, it’s got to be sleep! It will help everything to heal faster, as well as making you feel sane again. It’s advised to sleep whenever the baby does to make sure you both stay happy and healthy. Admittedly, this is often easier said than done!
  4. You may experience some mild cramping as your uterus slowly contracts back to its usual size, shape, and position. Soaking in a shallow tub filled with warm water, can help minimize the discomfort and help you relax.
  5. Ice packs are also a good idea to have ready in order to soothe the pains and aches that will occur after the feat you have just achieved!
  6. Remember to take and wear the extra maxi pads and mesh undies the doctor will give you for after birth. Use them for the first week at home to make sure your spills aren’t getting in the way of the thrills of new motherhood!
  7. Finally, try to get everything ready and nearby. You’re going to be feeding day and night so remember to keep the cot within an arm’s length of your bed. This will make getting up a lot easier and less painful for you in the long run!  We’ve found having a lamp with a blue bulb in it, to use when you are feeding at night, can help avoid waking you and the baby up too much, helping you and your little one get back to sleep quicker.

Take time to remember you!

All eyes and thoughts will naturally be on the baby during these early stages, but do try to remember you have needs too! Your body will need to heal for you to be the best mum you can be – so listen to tips and don’t be afraid to ask for help at times to ensure you get your time to recover.

We hope our tips prove useful during these precious stages. One last thing…congratulations to you and your new family!