Molar Bear To The Rescue With Kids Toothbrushes!

molar bear kids toothbrushes


Now that Christmas is upon us, we’re delighted to introduce our very own Brush-Baby superhero – The Molar Bear – fighting against ‘enamel’ cruelty. Using our kids' toothbrushes alongside our yummy strawberry toothpaste is a great way to get your little ones excited about brush time. With flashing lights and a toothbrush timer, your child has never been so excited to use their children's electric toothbrush and start their bedtime routine! Pair this with our Molar Bear story and 2 minutes brushing won't seem too long anymore!

To help you get into the festive spirit, The Molar Bear is about to embark on his very own Christmas adventure. Over the next 12 days, we will be following our 'enamel' hero and we need you and your little ones’ help to tell the story.

The story so far

The Molar Bear, was without a care, skipping through the snow.

He came to a halt, as he felt a sudden jolt, from the ice below.

Out came William the Walrus – the animal with great tusks

His teeth were black and yellow. The Molar Bear was in disgust!

What’s next

Now it’s your turn. What would you like to happen next?

We are looking for 11 little ones to complete the next 11 stages of Molar Bear's adventure.

If you're feeling particularly inspired, you can even submit more than one stage of the story if you like!

To submit your section of the story, simply email us at or upload it via social media using the hashtag #MolarBearToTheRescue.

It needs to follow the same format as the beginning above.

The prizes

Each day we will upload the next stage of the story to our website and social media.

If your submission is chosen you will be rewarded with a secret Brush-Baby prize and receive your very own copy of The Molar Bear's adventure.