Sleeping Tips For You And Your Baby - Week 1

sleeping baby tips for mum 2

The old phrase “sleeping like a baby” can sometimes seem like a bit of a myth to new mums going through the first few days of motherhood. Whilst your baby may not be awake for that long during the day, adjusting to your new sleep (or lack of it) pattern and getting your little one to sleep can often be one of the trickiest challenges for new mums and dads.

To help, take a look at our tip for new mums and dads to get your baby to sleep, if not right through the night… at least for a couple of hours!

Tip 1 - Make use of the swaddle!

You may have seen the doctors or nurses wrap your baby up in a distinctive way post-labour? A swaddle is a soft, tight wrap technique that creates a sort of baby burrito. It’s an incredibly useful tool to help your baby adjust to being in the outside world, as it mimics the constrained, comforting feeling of being in the womb.



This helps your little one to feel safe and secure, whilst also helping them stay asleep during any moro reflex or startle reflex moments. It’s said that these reflexes are similar to when adults experience the feeling of falling just before we fall asleep. They are also one of the reasons that your little one can awake from a peaceful slumber, seemingly out of nowhere.

It can take up to 4 or 5 months for your baby to grow out of the startle reflex phase, so you might want to consider swaddling to help keep them asleep for longer. That way you can all get some much need rest and recuperation time!

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