The Sky’s The Limit!

British Airways and Brush Baby childrens travel toothbrush

The next time you’re on a British Airways flight, take a look at the current issue of BA Business Life magazine or at the person in the seat next to you, as you’ll see Brush-Baby Ltd, or may just meet its founder and MD, Dominique Tillen.

Dominique and Brush-Baby are included in the ‘It’s good to fly’ article which features companies who have succeeded in their businesses with the help of making journeys to meet customers, suppliers and distributors, in order to have face-to-face meetings and business negotiations.

The ethos of the ‘personal touch’ filters down from Dominique and is fundamental to the way that Brush-Baby conducts its business and is fundamental to our success.  We pride ourselves on personally dealing with orders, customer queries and always garnering customer feedback in order to improve our offering and helping people understand the importance of how, and why, looking after little ones’ gums and teeth is so important.

The sky really is the limit for Brush-Baby and giving the next generation the best dental start in life!