Step 2 - Toddlers

Step 2 - Toddlers  Teething Toothbrush Brush Baby Clean your baby's gums and first teeth

Teething can be a tricky time. To help your baby and toddler keep their gums clean to prevent teething pain and protect their new baby teeth from decay by brushing from when the first tooth appears.  

Care for your baby's teething gums

Keeping your baby's gums clean during teething will help avoid gum inflammation and pain caused when food and bacteria get caught under tiny gums flaps.

What kind of teether?

Brush-Baby teethers are designed to reach teething gums, even back teeth. They are designed with textured, bristled and squashy surfaces to help clean gums while giving something for your baby to bite down and chew on. 

Brush from the very first tooth!

Even one new baby tooth can get covered with plaque so introduce tooth brushing twice a day from when the first tooth appears. 

My Baby just chews the toothbrush!

Try our Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush it's a BIG FAVORITE and is designed to clean teeth and gums while it's chewed.

What about toothpaste?

Your baby's taste buds are delicate so choose a gentle flavoured toothpaste that your baby likes. Many babies, toddlers and young children cannot tolerate strong flavours, including mint, which is why Brush-Baby toothpastes have non-minty flavours. Try our Applemint Toothpaste it gentle and loved by babies.

What about fluoride toothpaste? 

  • Always use a fluoride toothpaste that matches your baby's or toddler's age, it'll have the correct amount of fluoride.

  • Only use a SMEAR of toothpaste, this way they won't swallow to much fluoride.

  • Spit out toothpaste after brushing but don't rinse. This way fluoride stays in the mouth, next to teeth where it can do it's job of protecting them.

  • Keep toothpaste safely out of reach and don't allow babies or toddlers to eat toothpaste.