Step 3 - Kids

Step 3 - Child toothcare - keeping childrens teeth clean with Brush Baby

By the age of 3 all your child's baby teeth will have appeared. Looking after their baby teeth is just as important, even if they do eventually fall out to make room for adult teeth between 3-6 years of age.

Why brush baby teeth?

Teaching your child how to brush their teeth from a very young age gives them a lifetime healthy habit. As well keeping their baby teeth clean, breath fresh and giving them self confidence it'll prevent tooth decay, bad breath and a scary visit to the dentist! 

Why floss baby teeth?

Food can get caught between your child's teeth and flossing will help to remove this, preventing gum disease and bad breath. So, introduce flossing when two teeth start to touch.

How to brush and floss

  • Brush teeth twice a day and floss daily. Try brushing your child's teeth standing behind them. You'll be able to see more clearly.
  • To introduce flossing gently floss the front teeth first and then gradually include the back teeth over time.
  • Remember, young children won't have the co-ordination to floss or brush their teeth so you'll have to do it for them until the age of 6 years.

Which Toothpaste?

  • Choose a children's toothpaste that they like the taste of, try to avoid stronger flavours
  • Use a PEA SIZE amount of children's toothpaste, this means it will have the correct amount of fluoride.
  • Try to use a toothpaste with fluoride and xylitol. Xylitol will help to reduce sugar acids that rots little teeth.