Step 1 - Babies

Step 1 - Babies  Teething Toothbrush Brush Baby Clean your baby's gums and first teeth

While they can't thank you just now, your baby will love the feeling of a fresh, clean mouth and, if your baby likes that fresh feeling now it'll help to make your life easier later on when it's time to introduce tooth brushing. 


Why clean baby gums?

Cleaning your baby's gums helps remove food and milk deposits and reduces the build-up of bacteria. You'll be creating a healthier environment for your baby's new baby teeth and by keeping little gums clean you'll help avoid gum inflammation and pain during teething. 

How do I clean my baby's gums?

  • Use a DentalWipe or dampen a clean gauze or cloth with cooled boiled water. Gently wipe over gums, tongue and cheeks twice a day.
  • Brush-Baby DentalWipesTM contain Xylitol a natural sugar that is good for teeth (yes!) because it helps reduce the number of decay-causing bacteria.

 Brush-Baby products to help you

Brush-Baby DentalWipes are formulated for your baby's daily gum care 

Brush-Baby TeethingWipes with soothing camomile for teething gums