Brush-Baby’s Mums & Gums Survey Reveals Confusion Amongst Mothers

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As reported in the press, our latest Mums & Gums survey has revealed the widespread confusion amongst mothers regarding early-years gum and tooth care for their babies and toddlers.

Taken across 1,000 mothers with children aged 0-6, the survey found that 72% of the mothers say they have never seen any information on gum care for babies.

As a direct result of this lack of information 53% of mothers reported turning to their own mothers for advice, yet 94% % of respondents felt that this information should come from a healthcare professional.

Our findings highlight the overwhelming need to formally address the knowledge gap that currently exists between mothers and healthcare professionals surrounding early years dental care.

We need more singing dentists!

Dr Milad Shadrooh, ‘The Singing Dentist’ supports our core message and works hard to inform mothers and health care advisers about the importance of early-years dental care.

Dr Shadrooh commented, ‘The Brush-Baby Mums & Gums Survey confirms what I have suspected, which is that mums are looking for more information on oral care for their babies’. ‘I recommend […] mothers do not wait for their baby’s first tooth to appear before taking them to the dentist’.

Room for change

Although the survey did highlight a lot of confusion, some very encouraging figures were also revealed. 34% of mothers are already cleaning their baby’s gums regularly, and 60% of mothers believe that cleaning a baby’s gums or mouth is a good idea.

You should use a wet cloth or a tooth wipe from as early as possible to encourage a good dental routine from the start. Once your babies first milk tooth has emerged, you can begin to use the best baby toothbrush and infant toothpaste!

Brush-Baby’s founder, Dominique Tillen, said: ‘The good news is that mothers appear to be open to oral care for babies’. So now we need to work hard to share the message about the benefits and encourage oral care from a very early age.

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